About Debbie

I want you to have the life YOU want. Whether you are sick or broke, feeling broken or stuck… You Matter! 

Debbie is a Certified Life Coach supporting people who want more out of their life. People who are at times frustrated, overwhelmed, feeling that something “has got to change” and yet are not sure how or where to start. That’s where Debbie can help. With her coaching support a new way of thinking, feeling and living begins to unfold for you. She gives you skills and tools that help you make empowering changes in your life. Whether the change is your career, home, health, or lifestyle. It can be done with coaching support.

In her early years, after college, she worked as an ER Nurse, while continuing to study and work in theatre and dance. After a terrible car accident ended that phase of her life she returned to college specializing in Critical Care Nursing. She met her “soul mate”, married and settled into raising a family. Years passed and a new path appeared. With a burning interest in the MIND/BODY/SPIRIT connection she began a 2 year journey of becoming a Life Coach and was Certified in 2005. During this process her own personal and professional path deepened. She continues to up level her coaching skills, working with her own mentor coach, attending workshops, teleseminars and reading everything “coaching”.

Debbie’s own life journey, her extensive training as a nurse and coach offers her clients the support they need. As a experienced medical advocate she offers clarity to people with health challenges and life style blocks. She supports people through the often very confusing medical world of doctor visits, diagnostic tests, medications, questions and fears. She offers a powerful, compassionate, safe place for her clients to find their own way. What drives her as a coach, what is pulsing inside of her is the knowing that no one ever has to settle.

Currently Debbie coaches privately with individuals, couples and groups. She works with people all over the world via phone, Skype and Face Time.